1. Connect your Trezor and go to

  2. Login, enter pins, etc. (This will vary based on your settings.)

  3. Select the coin you wish to claim from the dropdown.

    Select coin to claim
  4. Select the "account" you wish to claim.

    Select account
  5. Click "Transactions" if it does not automatically select it.
    Copy the first address you wish to claim.
    Click "Sign & Verify".

    Sign and verify
  6. Enter the message you generated from Cereneum and your address (copied in Step 5) that you wish to sign with and select "Sign".
    Confirm signing the transaction on your Trezor device.

  7. Continue from bullet point 8 on the Cereneum Claim page.

  8. Repeat for all coins, all accounts, and all addresses you wish to claim.