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The Team

The developers of Cereneum are a team of five individuals: three software developers, a computer graphics artist, and a community manager / quality assurance specialist. The Cereneum team has decades of combined experience in software development. The team has worked together for the last several years running an internet-based software company with over 10 million registered users and several million dollars in revenue.

What’s in it for the Team?

The Cereneum contract contains a genesis address that receives a match of the bonuses paid out (Speed, Referral, Prosperous and Frenzy). The genesis address does not receive any payouts from the pooled interest or the Robin Hood bonuses unless it stakes tokens just like everyone else. After the first 52 weeks there are no more Speed, Referral, Prosperous or Frenzy bonuses. There is no ICO for Cereneum and we are not raising money.