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Late Claim Penalty

● Claim amount reduced algorithmically for each day claimed late

● No claims after week 52

Early Unstake Penalty

● Penalty is the greater of:

○ 5% of principal per year of intended stake (0.01369% per day)

○ 50% of interest earned deducted + 5% per year of intended stake

● Example: 5 year stake is 75% of interest deducted

● Penalty is paid to the staker pool

Late Unstake Penalty

● 1 week grace period with no penalty

● 1% of interest earned per day after grace period

● Penalty is paid to the staker pool

● No interest rewards 100 days after the grace period

● Other people can save you from late penalties by calling EndStakeForAFriend

Fair Distribution Penalty

● Millionaire claims reduced by 50%

● Cutoff point is specific to each coin type claimed

● Cutoff will be approximately $1M USD value at time of snapshot