A brand-new concept in interest-bearing cryptocurrency for Gamers

Cereneum is a brand new concept in cryptocurrency for gamers: a time-based interest-bearing Cryptographic Certificate of Interest (CCOI) on the Blockchain. Airdrops are given based on five of the most popular PoW cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Earn interest by staking your Cereneum for set periods of time.

CrypTrove Games has announced plans to release two games using Cereneum as their in-game currency. Terra Novus will be a trading card game on the Ethereum blockchain, and King’s Ascension will be the world’s first fully on-chain RPG dungeon crawler with crafting mechanics.

In the future, you will be able to trustlessly exchange Ethereum for Cereneum from our web site. You’ll also be able to join an Ethereum GPU-mining pool on our web site and be paid out in Cereneum.

Specific details on interest, bonuses, and penalties are listed below.

Pooled Interest

● 5% interest per year of total supply is paid to stakers (calculated daily)

● Interest is split between the pool of stakers

● Stakers get more interest when less people stake

● Example: If 25% of tokens are staked, the pool splits the 5% interest among stakers resulting in 20% total interest for each staker

Staking Longer Pays More

● Minimum stake of 90 days (3 months) to qualify (5% bonus @ 3 months) *

● Long stakes give a 20% bonus multiplier per year of interest payouts

● Maximum 5 year stake gives 100% bonus

● Example: A 2.5 year stake gives 50% bonus interest (5% X 1.5 = 7.5% a year)

* Bonus applies to unclaimed redistribution coins as well

MtGox Antidump Protection

● All MtGox accounts (BTC, BCH, BSV) prohibited from claiming

● MtGox tokens are redistributed to stakers

ETH Pool Staking

● After you’ve claimed all your coins, earn more Cereneum via ETH Staking

● ETH Stakes are 1 day stakes of Ethereum that pay out in Cereneum

● Payouts are higher the fewer people participate in the pool