The first interest-bearing cryptocurrency for Gamers!


A brand-new concept in interest-bearing cryptocurrency for Gamers

Cereneum is a brand new concept in cryptocurrency for gamers: a time-based interest-bearing Cryptographic Certificate of Interest (CCOI) on the Blockchain. Airdrops are given based on five of the most popular PoW cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Earn interest by staking your Cereneum for set periods of time.

In the future, you will be able to trustlessly exchange Ethereum for Cereneum from our web site. You'll also be able to join an Ethereum GPU-mining pool on our web site and be paid out in Cereneum.

Specific details on interest, bonuses, and penalties are listed below.


Pooled Interest

5% interest per year of total supply is paid to stakers (calculated daily)

Interest is split between the pool of stakers

Stakers get more interest when less people stake

Example: If 25% of tokens are staked, the pool splits the 5% interest among stakers resulting in 20% total interest for each staker

Staking Longer Pays More

Minimum stake of 90 days (3 months) to qualify (5% bonus @ 3 months) *

Long stakes give a 20% bonus multiplier per year of interest payouts

Maximum 5 year stake gives 100% bonus

Example: A 2.5 year stake gives 50% bonus interest (5% X 1.5 = 7.5% a year)

* Bonus applies to unclaimed redistribution coins as well

MtGox Antidump Protection

All MtGox accounts (BTC, BCH, BSV) prohibited from claiming

MtGox tokens are redistributed to stakers

ETH Pool Staking

After you've claimed all your coins, earn more Cereneum via ETH Staking

ETH Stakes are 1 day stakes of Ethereum that pay out in Cereneum

Payouts are higher the fewer people participate in the pool



Early Adopter Bonuses

Active During the First 52 Weeks

Claiming Speed Bonus

20% bonus for claiming in the first two weeks

Algorithmic scaling to 0% on day 364 (52 weeks)

Frenzy Bonus

0 - 100% bonus interest multiplier paid to staker pool for number of addresses that have claimed

Example: If 50% of all addresses have claimed, staker pool gets 50% bonus multiplier on interest

Applies to Robin Hood Bonus

Prosperous Bonus

0 - 100% bonus interest multiplier paid to staker pool for the amount of total tokens claimed

Example: If 50% of all available tokens are claimed, staker pool gets 50% bonus multiplier on interest

Applies to Robin Hood Bonus

Robin Hood Bonus

Starts after two-week buffer period following launch

A percentage of unclaimed tokens paid out to stakers every day for 50 weeks

After 52 weeks from launch all unclaimed tokens have been redistributed

The Robin Hood Graph shows how the bonus is paid out

Robin Hood Graph

Robin Hood Graph

Referral Bonuses

Referral bonus is 20% of whatever the referee claims

Person referred receives 10% bonus upon claiming

Referral bonus is paid by inflation and does not decrease the refereeā€™s claim

Learn about Referrals here


Post-Claiming Period Bonuses

Active after 52 weeks

Interest Governance

As they stake, each staker votes for a pooled interest rate

Voting is for multiples of 5% ranging from 5% - 50%

Daily interest rate paid in the post-claim period depends on the majority vote

Gives the power to gamers



Late Claim Penalty

Claim amount reduced algorithmically for each day claimed late

No claims after week 52

Early Unstake Penalty

Penalty is the greater of:

5% of principal per year of intended stake (0.01369% per day)

50% of interest earned deducted + 5% per year of intended stake

Example: 5 year stake is 75% of interest deducted

Penalty is paid to the staker pool

Late Unstake Penalty

1 week grace period with no penalty

1% of interest earned per day after grace period

Penalty is paid to the staker pool

No interest rewards 100 days after the grace period

Other people can save you from late penalties by calling EndStakeForAFriend

Fair Distribution Penalty

Millionaire claims reduced by 50%

Cutoff point is specific to each coin type claimed

Cutoff will be approximately $1M USD value at time of snapshot


There is a lack of trustless interest-bearing tokens in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. There is little to no reward for holding most tokens and there has been a general lack of adoption of tokens by gamers.

Cereneum solves these issues. It inherits the security of being on the Ethereum blockchain, but without having to pay miners. Instead, interest is paid to stakers. Cereneum will be fully complete and immutable upon launch, and CrypTrove Games has committed to adopting Cereneum as their in-game currency for two upcoming games.


Don't Trust, Verify

Cereneum is 100% trustless and verifiable. The creators have no more power than a normal user once the contract is launched.

How it Works

On May 31, 2019, snapshots of BTC, BCH, BSV, ETH and LTC were taken. The blockheights of each blockchain snapshot are listed below. Non-BTC chains were given an equivalent BTC ratio. All UTXOs and wallet balances for each chain were exported to CSV files and made publicly available for verification. These values were used to generate a UTXO Merkle Tree for each chain. The leaves of the Merkle Trees are a hash of the public address and the wallet balance. These files were also made publicly available for verification. The Merkle Roots of each chain were hard coded into the contract at launch time and users can verify that the Merkle Root of each UTXO set matches the Merkle Roots in the contract.

When a user wants to claim their tokens they will sign a unique message such as "Claim_Cereneum_to_ETHADDRESS". Our backend code will compute the public address that signed the message and retrieve the necessary Merkle Tree branches for verification. Users may do all of this on their own if they wish to, but our website will simplify this process for the average user. The contract takes the public address and the amount of the claim and verifies it is a valid claim in the Merkle Tree. Since the Merkle Leaf is a hash of the public address and the wallet balance, if a user tries to submit a claim for a higher value than they had in their wallet, the leaf will not exist in the tree and the verification process will fail.

Signing a unique message is a very safe and common feature in many wallets and WILL NOT expose your private keys in any way.

Snapshot Blockheights

Bitcoin: 578691

Bitcoin Cash: 585009

Bitcoin SV: 577957

Ethereum: 7869351

Litecoin: 1641768


Earn 20% everytime someone clicks your referral link and then later claims their Cereneum. The person you referred will also receive a 10% bonus at the time they claim.

 Your Referral Link

If you wish to use an alternative address, you may create your own referral link with the format:


The snapshot was taken on May 31, 2019 at 20:00 UTC.

Contract Launch

The Cereneum Contract launch date was June 6, 2019 at 15:31 UTC.

Stake Period Opening

Cereneum Staking opened on June 20, 2019 at 15:31 UTC.

Recommended Wallets

Coinomi (Tutorial)

ElectronCash (Tutorial)

ElectrumLTC (Tutorial)

ElectrumSV (Tutorial)

Electrum (Tutorial)

MEW - My Ether Wallet (Tutorial)

KeepKey (Tutorial)

Trezor One/Model T (Tutorial)

Ledger Nano S (Tutorial)

Address Formats


P2PKH Legacy (Starts with "1")

P2SH Segwit (Starts with "3")


Bech32 (Starts with bc1)


Non-Segwit P2SH


P2PKH Legacy (Starts with "1")

P2PKH CashAddr (Starts with "q")





All standard wallets




P2PKH Legacy (Starts with "L")

P2SH Segwit (Starts with "M")


Bech32 (Starts with LTC1)


Non-Segwit P2SH

 The Team

The developers of Cereneum are a team of software developers, computer graphics artists, community managers, and quality assurance specialists. The Cereneum team has decades of combined experience in software development. The team has worked together for the last several years running an internet-based software company.

 What's in it for the Team?

The Cereneum contract contains a genesis address that receives a match of the bonuses paid out (Speed, Referral, Prosperous and Frenzy). The genesis address does not receive any payouts from the pooled interest or the Robin Hood bonuses unless it stakes tokens just like everyone else. After the first 52 weeks there are no more Speed, Referral, Prosperous or Frenzy bonuses. There is no ICO for Cereneum and we are not raising money.